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Deaconess Ministry
Barbara Ousby, President
Forestine Robinson, Vice President
LaGrace Barnes, Assistant Secretary
Jonora R. Coleman, Treasurer

Bobbie Anderson
Audrey C. Green
Frances Greer-Morris
Odie Hayes
Daphne Higgins
Sandra Jenkins
Mildred Kelley
Lockye Lake
Sandra McEwen
Debra McGee
Shellie Michael
Sherry Rankin
Gwen Staffney
LaTasha Street
Tara Walker
C. Denise Wright
The Deaconess Shepherding Ministry is committed to being counselors and helpers to persons within the church family who need assistance. These wives of Deacons work in conjunction with their husbands to offer consolation through the Gospel of Christ to the sick, the bereaved, the distressed and others who stand in need. This Ministry reports to the Deacon Shepherding Ministry.