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The Church Historian is commissioned to gather and maintain historical data, records, bulletins, pictorial documents, directories, programs, publications, photos, news clippings, for filing or storing, to maintain the historical legacy and integrity of the Church. Duties and responsibilities include: 
  • Clip and maintain news or magazine articles about the Church, Pastor or related ministries. 
  • Maintain photo archives by properly identifying photos of pastors and staff who have served; church buildings, grounds, additions or improvements. 
  • Keep up-to-date journal of special services and events held at the Church (revivals, anniversaries, homecomings, dramas, ministry fairs, retreats, etc.). 
  • Record Church expansions and improvements, noting dates, etc. 
  • Keep up-to-date biographical information about the pastor. 
  • Secure photos of special people and/or events. 
  • File a copy of every Church Directory or Yearbook that is created. 

The Historian’s target is the Congregation. Each member is invited to assist in this function. 

Jonora Coleman