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Public Relations Ministry
Sherry Rankin, President
Emma William-Holmes, Vice President
Brenda Tate, Secretary
Mary Fisher, Assistant Secretary
Audrey Green, Treasurer
Public Relations Ministry is charged to project the Christ-like image of College Hill Church. The PR team exists to assist with the internal and external flow of information and communications. Members of this ministry pledge to do this responsibly. The ministry is committed to get the word out and work wholeheartedly on “moving the masses toward the mission of the Master.” Membership is open. 

PR ministry has an assigned liaison to each Ministry of the Church. 


Public Relations Ministry Awards

Most Valuable Player                                        Member of the Year
You are invited to nominate College Hill members for the College Hill Most Valuable Player Award and the Member of the Year Award.  Recipient of each award shows God's love through volunteer service to meet the needs of the Church in moving the masses toward the mission of the Master.  The awards will be presented in January 2018.

MVP- Most Valuable Player
Recipient of this award:
  • Shares gifts, abilities and skills to ensure the success of any project/task or area of responsibility.
  • Uses gifts, talents and abilities in furtherance of the team, God's team. in kingdom building.
  • Aids and assists individual members of the team, or the team as a whole to ensure success, or to enhance a product or project within the body of the Church.
  • Uses personal/professional resources to ensure the best product in the name of our Lord.

Member of the Year
Recipient of this Award:
  • Embodies the phrase, "We are our brother's keeper" by assisting wherever and whenever needed.
  • Reflects the words, "always helpful, willing, will do, just ask," embodying a "Christ-like" spirit.
  • Endeavors with the purity of heart to help another.
  • Contributes unselfishly to the overall functioning of the Church Body; mission and ministry in the community. local, state and national government.

Click here to make your nomination
Online nominating available until January 7, 2018 at 12:​00 midnight